Company introduction

Zhengjin was founded in 2004, adhering to the "customer demand as the center, customer service as the fundamental", 15 years dedicated to the automotive powertrain and new energy vehicle industry service, research and development, production, sales, after-sales service as one of the national high-tech enterprises, the global professional automatic feeding system solution provider, the most professional automatic feeding (feeding) solution provider in China. The turnkey provider of automatic special aircraft (press, assembly machine, testing machine) has the ability of international project implementation, and provides local services in collaboration with partners from many countries. Under the guidance of the original 123 project implementation principles, we provide customers with a full range of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales services.

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Our advantage

Independent research and development

15 years dedicated to the automotive powertrain and new energy vehicle service independent research and development technology, rich experience, strong innovation ability, reliable quality

Strict quality inspection

Dozens of industry patents, multiple rigorous Ann Full certification test, ensure the feeding machine, press assembly The performance of machine and other products

Stable operation

Well-known accessories at home and abroad, stable operation of the equipment Full sealing design, dustproof and leakproof, design Rational, functional cost ratio is appropriate

Reduced maintenance

Easy to operate, easy to use and reduce maintenance Cost, automatic production, reliable quality

Cooperative partner
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What are the advantages of automatic screw machine?

With the continuous development of science and technology, a lot of advanced automation equipment began to appear in People's Daily life and production industry. These equipment, whether used in life or in the process of production, play a lot of big role, it is because of the good effect in use, its sales in the market has been very good. Automatic screw machine although in our daily life will rarely be used, but in the process of production of many equipment is used in a very high frequency.

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Automatic screw locking machine in the industry application

Now in the rapid development of the industry, people's demand for household appliances is growing, so for the production enterprises want to occupy the market more quickly must do a better job in production efficiency and product quality guarantee, and the production process of screw operation, manual operation efficiency, lock payment...

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Why choose automatic screw locking machine instead of manual mode

With the application of automatic screw locking machine more and more widely, electronic manufacturing enterprises have higher and higher requirements for products, and the requirements for screw locking technology have also been improved. Many electronic product manufacturers have a very strict control of production records, hope to be able to record all the lock payment information at the same time, including a lock payment quantity, good number, failure number, defective product records.

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